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Business Letters for Busy People

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  • Author : Jim Dugger
  • Cover : Paperback
  • Edition : 3rd
  • Price : 750
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Time-Saving, Ready-to-use Letters for any Occasion

Business Letters for Busy People guides you to write different types of letters, offers you samples that you can use. Effective formats can be copied, modified and customized- so it can help you do your job better, more effectively, more easily. Packed with concrete information, useful techniques,practical tips and gives you concise easy to use learning resources that get results.

1. Writing from Scratch
2. Parts of the Business Letter
3. Format of the Business Letter
4. Collection Letters
5. Sales and Promotional Letters
6. Goodwill Letters
7. Community Activities Letters
8. Personal Business Letters
9. Letters of Condolence
10. Letters About Employment Changes
11. Customer Relations Letters
12. Media Letters


750 (PKR)