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Law & Practice of Income Tax

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Section-wise commentary with case-law and departmental instructions covering Income Tax Ordinance, 2001, Income Tax Rules, 2002 in loose-leaf (three volumes) with regular up-dating service in printed form. There is no comparable commentary that presents both judicial and departmental views of the law in one place spanning all the vital areas of law and practice of income tax in Pakistan. The book is written in a reader friendly style to facilitate both professionals and the beginners alike.


• Income Tax Ordinance Section 1 to 113B

• Income Tax Ordinance Section 114 to 240

• First Schedule to 8th Schedule
• Income Tax Rules, 2002
• Repeal & Savings (Income Tax Rules, 1982)
• Appellate Tribunal Inland Revenue Rules, 2010
• Appointment of ITAT Members’ Rules, 1998
• Unified Reward Rules 2006
• Capital Value Tax & Rules
• Federal Ombudsmen Institutional Reforms Act, 2013
• Federal Tax Ombudsman Ordinance, 2000
• Federal Tax Ombudsman Investigation & Disposal of Complaints Regulations, 2001 
8500 (PKR)