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Synopsis of Taxes in Pakistan 2024

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  • Author : Mirza Munawar Hussain
  • Cover : Paperback
  • Edition : Tax Year 2024
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Table of Contents

Part 1 : Income Tax Ordinance 2001
Chapter-1 Introduction
Chapter-2 Income Tax Authorities
Chapter-3 Scope Of Tax
Chapter-4 Exemption And Concessions
Chapter-5 Taxation Of Persons
Chapter-6 Salary
Chapter-7 Provident Fund
Chapter-8 Income From Property
Chapter-9 Income From Business
Chapter-10 Assets And Depreciation
Chapter-11 Method Of Accounting
Chapter-12 Capital Gains
Chapter-13 Income From Other Sources
Chapter-14 Insurance Business
Chapter-15 Oil, Gas And Other Mineral Deposits
Chapter-16 Banking Business
Chapter-17 Tax Credits
Chapter-18 Set Off And Carry Forward Of Losses
Chapter-19 Payment Of Tax
Chapter-20 Assessment Procedure
 Chapter-21 Offences And Punishment
Chapter-22 Refund Of Tax
Chapter-23 Appeals And Revisions
Chapter-24 Miscellaneous
Chapter-25 Final Tax Regime & Minimum Tax Liability

Part 2 : ICT
Chapter-26 ICT

Part 3 : Sales Tax Act 1990
Chapter-27 Introduction
Chapter-28 Sales Tax Authorities
Chapter-29 Scope Of Tax
Chapter-30 Registration
Chapter-31 Records And Books
Chapter-32 Returns
Chapter-33 Offices And Penalties
Chapter-34 Appeals
Chapter-35 Refund And Recoveries

Part 4 : Federal Excise Duty 2005
Chapter-36 Introduction
Chapter-37 Levy And Collection Of Duty
Chapter-38 Appeals And Revisions

Part 5 : Zakat & Ushr Ordinance 1980
Chapter-39 Definitions
Chapter-40 Scope Of Zakat & Ushr
Chapter-41 Zakat Funds
Chapter-42 Organization And Administration

Part 6 : Custom Act 1969
Chapter-43 Definitions
Chapter-44 Scope Of Customs Duties
Chapter-45 Warehousing
Chapter-46 Drawback
Chapter-47 Appeals And Revisions

Part 7 : Problems And Solutions
Chapter-48 Problems And Solutions – Individuals
Chapter-49 Problems And Solutions – AOPs
Chapter-50 Problems And Solutions – Companies
Chapter-51 Multiple Choice Question

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