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The Law & Practice of Stamp Laws 2023 with Stamp Duty Rates

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  • Author : Asif Raza (Advocate High Court)
  • Cover : Hard bound
  • Edition : February 2023
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  • PKR: 3000
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    Manufacturer: Petiwala Publication


This book provides a comprehensive coverage on the law governing the Stamp duty. The book also comprises of guide to the Stamp Act, 1899 which elucidates ‘topic-wise-commentary’ on provisions of the Act.

This is the 1st edition of the book incorporating all amendments made to the Stamp Act, 1899.

Coverage of this book includes the following:

The Stamp Act, 1899 (with Case Law)

Schedule I—Stamp-duty on instruments
 Federal Schedule
 Sindh Schedule
 Punjab Schedule
 Balochistan Schedule
 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Schedule

 The Stamp Rules, 1925
 Sindh e-Stamp Rules, 2020
 Punjab e-Stamp Rules 2016
 Punjab Stamp Rules, 1934
 Punjab Stamp Manual, 1934
 Punjab Stamp (Judicial) Refund, Renewal and Disposal Rules, 1954
 Punjab Non-Judicial Stamp Refund, Renewal and Disposal Rules, 1954
 Extracts from Punjab Stamp Manual
 West Punjab Stamp Inspection and Audit Rule, 1949
 Balochistan Stamp (Valuation Tables in respect of Land) Rules, 2013

 Relevant Provisions of Income Tax Ordinance, 2001
 Kinds of Stamps to be used on the Instruments
 Reductions and Permissions
 The Stamp (Specified Instruments) Act, 1924
 The High Court Rules and Orders, Volume IV, Chapter 4
 The Stamp Refund, Renewal and Disposal Rules, 1934
 The Stamp Losses and Defalcations Rules, 1935
 Memorandum of General Principles to regulate the enforcement of responsibility for losses sustained by Government through fraud or negligence of individuals
 Memorandum of supplementary instructions for guidance of departmental offices, with special reference to cases in which prosecutions in criminal courts are, or are likely, to be, necessary
 Rules about departmental enquiry in cases of fraud & embezzlement of government in which government servants are involved
 The Stamp Despatch and Receipt Rules, 1934
 The Supply and Distribution of Stamps Rules, 1954
 The Promissory Notes (Stamp) Act, 1926

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2500 (PKR)